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Fitness has always been part of my life but, after having my first child, I took up running seriously to lose weight and quickly realised the benefits it brought me in terms of changes to my body and mindset.

My focus today is on being physically strong and healthy and achieving the best version of myself - this is my mantra when training others.   I believe in the benefits of fresh air and exercising outdoors  and the calming influence it has on the mindset. I love to exercise to music and teach spin classes. I also like to read, arrange flowers and waterski in my spare time.

Whilst I exercise regularly, I recognise it is not always easy to be consistent in a busy world. Half the battle when it comes to keeping your body in shape is keeping your mind in shape too. 

Some years ago,  I attended a week long bootcamp where exercise was the main focus. While I lost weight at the camp, what I also needed was some helpful advice on nutrition and some guidance on mental wellbeing, something that I believe is central to health together with exercise and nutrition.   It was this that led me tobecome a Personal Trainer and complete a Diploma in Nutrition so that I could look after myself and help educate others on their wellbeing journey.


We have devised our Total Body One Day Reboot Camp as a one stop shop to bring these strands together and help on your journey to a healthier and more mindful you.

About: About


Personal Trainer Level 3

Level 4 Diploma in Nutrition, an OFQUAL regulated and CIMSPA recognised qualification

VTCT qualification in Indian Head Massage

Studio Cycling Certificate

Certificate in the implementation of Kettlebells

LLB Law Honours

First Aid Certified

I am a member of the Royal Society for Public Health which is an independent charity dedicated to the improvement health and wellbeing. 

Royal Society for public health




“I have been a personal trainer for 14 years. In that time I have helped hundreds of people achieve their fitness goals. I believe that the passion I have for helping people change their lives is the key to my client’s success. I make it my personal goal to help them achieve their goals. So your goal will become my goal, and I don’t like to fail.
As well as being a Personal Trainer, I am also a sports masseuse, a Pilates Instructor and a nutritional coach. These 3 strings to my bow, along side being a personal trainer, give me an in-depth understanding of how the human body works, which is a huge advantage when designing clients programmes and helping them achieve their goals.”


I am a mum and GP turned Wellbeing Trainer, Coach & Facilitator and an Occupational Health doctor. I love to write and am the Deputy Editor and Content Writer at Medic Footprints and Associate at Clarity Associates Ltd. I have also worked at the Mayo Clinic, USA and in the UK as a GP for both civilians and the Armed Forces.

As The Working Well Doctor, I combine my love of teaching and wellbeing to deliver five-star Thrive Workshops tailored to the needs of each individual. 

I am also the Head of Training at the Joyful Doctor, where I have and continue to deliver both face to face and online Wellbeing Workshops.

During the Total Body Reboot Camp, I will share my expertise and knowledge to help you on your individual wellbeing journey.

Dr Katya Miles - The Working Well Experi
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