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The aim of our one-day boot camp is to educate and empower you to take control of your own wellbeing and reboot your body and mindset. We have enlisted the help of other trainers to show you a range of exercises your can do from your home and we will provide you with fundamental nutrition advice to motivate and inspire you. We will look at what constitutes a balanced diet, dispelling diet myths, macro and micronutrients and what your body really needs, hydration, weight loss and weight management as well as tips and ideas to keep you on track. 

 According to the Mental Health Foundation, wellbeing includes things ‘such as how satisfied people are with their lives as a whole, their sense of purpose, and how in control they feel’. Whilst physical activity and good nutrition have a huge potential to enhance our wellbeing, we recognise the need to go further in this area.  At our body reboot camp, our specialist The Working Well Doctor will discuss the problems we face in busy and more recently uncertain times and some of the mindful ways in which we can tackle these.

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Whether it’s simply a desire to get fitter, lose weight or build muscle, following a free consultation, we can develop a programme to meet your needs.



Following a consultation, we can advise you on how to improve your diet and make healthy and sustainable changes that work for you and your body. We are qualified to advise on weight loss and weight management and to support positive and lasting behaviour change.



We offer a range of classes including High Intensity Interval Training, Abdominal Attack and Body Strength Conditioning. Please check the calendar for the class timetable and to book a class.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed training with Stacey.  She listens to what you want to achieve and as a woman and a mum she knows and understands how to train and tone those problem areas that are often resistant to change.  Stacey mixes things up and comes up with different exercises to keep the sessions interesting.  We always have a good chat and a laugh. Great workout music too!’

Lisa M

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